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Welcome 2023 Volunteers!

We are thrilled to officially open Volunteer recruitment for the Westerner Days Fair & Exposition 2023! As our valued volunteers, you play a crucial role in the success of our event. This year, Westerner Days will run for 5 days from July 19th – 23rd, 2023! We are filled with excitement to bring back all your favorite attractions and introduce a multitude of exciting new experiences this year! Get ready to embark on a thrilling adventure as we unveil an array of captivating activations that will leave you in awe. We eagerly look forward to sharing these unforgettable moments with you!

If you are interested in volunteering for this fantastic event, we kindly invite you to explore the various opportunities outlined below. Your participation would be greatly appreciated, and we would be thrilled to have you join us!

Volunteer Orientation Sessions – July 17 & 18, 2023  

Volunteers will be asked to attend one volunteer orientation session prior to Westerner Days. We currently have July 17th and 18th set aside for these sessions. More information will be emailed out in late June or early July with a link to sign up for the session you choose to attend. We expect each orientation to run up to 3 hours and start around 6 pm.

If you are a new volunteer to Westerner Park, please check us out
and complete a volunteer application form at the link below:

Administration Support (Staff & Volunteer Headquarters)

In this role, you will play a vital part in ensuring the smooth operation of our event by managing our dedicated team of volunteers at the staff & volunteer headquarters. Your responsibilities will encompass a range of essential tasks, including checking volunteers in and out each day, overseeing accreditation and uniform distribution, maintaining the snack area by tidying and refilling supplies, and potentially assisting with computer data entry. Additionally, you may be called upon to provide general support and answer questions for our enthusiastic volunteer team. Your contribution in this role will be greatly appreciated and instrumental in creating a successful event experience!

Sign up for Staff & Volunteer HQ Administration Support shifts at this linkWorkforce Volunteers

Administration Support (Donald Administration Building)

As a volunteer, based in the Donald Administration Building, you will have the opportunity to assist our administrative team with various tasks while providing exceptional customer service to our esteemed guests. Your primary responsibilities will involve attending to the front desk, ensuring a welcoming environment, and addressing any inquiries or requests from staff and visitors. Additionally, there may be occasions when you will need to move between buildings to fulfill your duties. This role offers a valuable chance to contribute to the efficient functioning of our organization and leave a positive impression on our guests.

Sign up for Donald Admin Administration Support shifts at this link:  Workforce Volunteers

People Mover Transport

We take great pleasure in offering this unique service to our event attendees! As a volunteer, your role will involve operating a tractor with a long wagon, facilitating the smooth transportation of individuals between parking locations and the bustling midway. This service extends to a designated offsite lot, ensuring convenient access for all visitors. To excel in this position, prior tractor operating experience is necessary, allowing you to confidently maneuver the vehicle and ensure the safety and comfort of passengers throughout the journey.

Special Requirement – Previous tractor work experience and a driver’s abstract authorization are required for this role.

Sign up for People Mover Transport shifts at this link:  Workforce Volunteers

Event Services Agent

Do you love music and being a part of the concert experience? We are looking for enthusiastic and passionate individuals to join our volunteer team to scan tickets and usher guests to their seats at the Peavey Mart Centrium for a night of unforgettable music with the Arkells! As a volunteer ticket scanner, you will have the opportunity to be part of an incredible team and music-filled atmosphere. You will greet ticket holders and scan their tickets as they enter the venue, making sure to create an efficient and friendly experience. You will also be moved to the concourse to supply great customer service and help ensure everyone has the best experience possible. As an usher, you will be at the center of the action, providing a warm welcome and exceptional customer service to concertgoers. You will need to be able to stand up and move for lengthy periods of time to help show guests to their seats. Do not worry, though, you will also have fellow volunteers and staff available to provide support. This is the perfect opportunity to meet new people, share the fun of a concert, and show your community spirit. Get ready for an unforgettable and entertaining night!

Please note: This shift can be found on Saturday, July 22nd only.

Sign up for Concert Concourse Support shifts at this link: Ticketing & Entertainment 

Event Services – Parking Attendant

As a Parking Attendant volunteer at Westerner Days, your primary responsibility will be to provide exceptional customer service to guests and visitors of the fair. You will ensure our guests have a pleasant and enjoyable experience while providing them with helpful parking and visitation information. Additional responsibilities include answering guest inquiries in a friendly and knowledgeable manner, managing parking and ticketing systems, and maintaining a clean and organized area. You will be working in a fun and dynamic environment, helping ensure the safety and security of Westerner Days’ guests. A positive attitude and excellent communication skills are essential for this position. If you are passionate about providing great service and want to be part of this special event, we want you on our team!

Groups are welcome to fill these shifts!

sign up for Parking Guest Services Ambassador shifts at this link: Ticketing & Entertainment 

If you know of any groups who may be interested, please have them reach out to for more information.

Pony Hop, Paddle Boats, and Water Balls Guest Services Ambassador

Are you looking for an exciting opportunity that combines your passion for the outdoors with your ability to help others? Then look no further! Westerner Days is looking for a dedicated and outgoing volunteer for the role of Pony Hop, Paddle Boats, and Water Balls Guest Services Ambassador. In this role, you will be interacting with guests and providing them with information about how to use our attractions, such as the Pony Hop, Paddle Boats, and Water Balls. You will be responsible for ensuring that all guests have a safe, fun, and memorable experience at our water attractions. You will also be responsible for monitoring the water attractions for any safety concerns and cleaning and maintaining the equipment for optimal performance. In addition, you must also be willing to learn and comply with all safety protocols of the facility. If you are a friendly, patient, and reliable individual, with a passion for helping guests enjoy their time at Westerner Days, we know you’d make an excellent Pony Hop, Paddle Boats, and Water Balls Guest Services Ambassador!

Groups are welcome to fill these shifts!

Sign up for Pony Hop, Paddle Boats, and Water Balls Guest Service Ambassador shifts at this link: Ticketing & Entertainment 

If you know of any groups who may be interested, please have them reach out to for more information.

Event Services - Information and Redemption

Are you looking to join the fun at Westerner Days? We are looking for outgoing and friendly individuals to join our team as Information Booth Volunteers! As a guest ambassador, you will have the chance to greet and interact with people looking for information and help them find their way around the event. You will be providing vital support to our guests as the dedicated Ticket Alberta representatives at the booth will be there to answer any specific questions that may come up. You will also be helping redeem RAD passes and wristband guests. Are you ready to be part of the action? Join us and be part of the amazing atmosphere that Westerner Days has to offer!

Sign up for Guest Information and Redemption Ambassador shifts at this linkTicketing & Entertainment 

Green Crew

Your contribution in this role is vital to the success of Westerner Days, as you will play a key part in maintaining the pristine appearance of the park for all our valued guests. Equipped with garbage pickers, bags, and gloves, you will have the opportunity to walk the grounds and collect litter, ensuring a clean and enjoyable environment for everyone. Our staff is committed to supporting you in this role by regularly emptying the garbage bins, and ensuring a seamless waste management process. Your efforts will greatly enhance the overall experience for attendees, and we truly appreciate your dedication to keeping our park looking top-notch.

Groups are welcome to fill these shifts!

Sign up for Green Crew shifts at this link: Event Delivery 

If you know of any groups who may be interested, please have them reach out to for more information.

Information Booth Ambassador - Pavilions

A hub location! This exciting role entails delivering exceptional and personable customer service at the information booth located in Exhibition Hall. Your primary responsibilities will revolve around assisting visitors with their inquiries regarding daily entertainment schedules and offering guidance with wayfinding.

Sign up for International Pavilion Ambassador shifts at this link: Information Booth Ambassador

KIDventure (Volunteer Groups Welcome) - Pavilions

Individual Positions – This fantastic opportunity involves overseeing interactive activities, organizing and tidying toys and crafts, and creating joyful experiences for children and their families, all within the delightful comfort of air-conditioned surroundings! Additionally, there is a designated ‘calm space’ and ‘mothering area’ where individuals can seek tranquility and peaceful moments. Get ready to embark on a rewarding journey filled with laughter and cherished memories!

Sign Up to be part of KIDventure! Click Here!

If you know of any groups who may be interested, please have them reach out to for more information.

Roaming Ambassador - Pavilions

Are you a social butterfly who thrives on meeting new people? If so, this role is perfect for you! As a key member of our team, you’ll play a vital role in sharing valuable information with guests as they navigate through the diverse array of entertainment options in the pavilions. Additionally, you may be asked to provide support to other volunteer positions during breaks or whenever assistance is needed. This could involve assisting at the KIDventure Pavilion, AGventure Pavilion, the Dog Show, the 19th Street market, and various other engaging spaces. Get ready to experience a wide range of exciting environments as part of this position.

Please note, this role requires frequent walking on concrete floors.

Sign up for Roaming Ambassador shifts at this link: Roaming Ambassador 

AGventure Ambassador - Pavilions

If you have a passion for agriculture, animals, or a genuine curiosity for learning, we have an incredible opportunity for you! We are seeking enthusiastic volunteers to join us in providing exceptional customer service during the exciting activations happening daily in the Agricentre East and West Pavilions. As a volunteer, you will play a vital role in overseeing various engaging activities, including the mechanical bull area, interactive tasks like moving hay, assisting with toy tractors, and much more! You’ll also have the chance to be part of the exhilarating big dirt ring activities, creating unforgettable experiences for visitors.

Groups are welcome to fill these shifts!

Some of these positions will be great for youth under 18 years of age, while others will be recommended for adults. This area will also involve walking on concrete floors.

Because this space will be quite large, we could also use assistance setting up the Agventure pavilions, before and after Westerner Days. This is a great way to see the behind-the-scenes action!

Sign up for AGventure Ambassador shifts at this link: AGventure Ambassador

If you know of any groups who may be interested, please have them reach out to for more information.

Parade Traffic Control

The Parade starts and finishes downtown (43rd St. & 48th Ave) and on the morning of July 19th, we will need some volunteers to assist with traffic/foot traffic control As a parade day volunteer, your primary responsibilities will include ensuring the smooth flow of foot traffic along the parade route and maintaining a safe and organized environment for both participants and spectators.

Safety vests will be provided.

To ensure everyone is well-prepared for a successful Parade day, a mandatory pre-event meeting and walk-through will be held at the marshaling area on the evening of July 18th. Attendance at this meeting is a requirement for all individuals signing up to be Parade volunteers. During this session, important information regarding roles, responsibilities, safety guidelines, and logistics will be provided. It is an excellent opportunity to familiarize yourself with the parade route and connect with fellow volunteers and event organizers. Your active participation in the pre-event meeting will contribute to a seamless and memorable Parade Day experience for all involved.

Sign up for Parade Traffic Control shifts at this link: Parade Volunteers

50/50 Ticket Selling

Through partnerships with Sunrise Rotary, we will be selling 50/50 tickets as part of the Westerner Foundation’s fundraising efforts. Volunteers may be in a booth, walking around the midway, or in the bleachers by the chuckwagon track. Includes both debit machine transactions and cash sales. No previous experience is necessary!

Sign up for 50/50 Ticket Selling shifts at this link: 50/50 Ticket Seller